Unhealthy perfectionism

What is it about?

Perfectionism in itself is not a bad quality. It even allows us to become very good at certain things. But when your perfectionist behavior hinders you or you experience disadvantages, we speak of ‘unhealthy perfectionism’ . This often results in fear of failure, low self-confidence, a negative self-image, stress and tension complaints and even burnout.

This training helps you to stop your ‘unhealthy perfectionist’ thinking and feeling. This allows you to free yourself from the stress, fear of failure and fatigue that accompany this. You build your self-confidence and can enjoy your work and your life more.

What can you do with it?

What does it consist of?

Using our central explanatory hardware-software model, we first determine which causes maintain your unhealthy perfectionist pattern. Then we present you interventions that help you to bend your perfectionist tendency to a qualitative alternative. For this we use techniques that change your controlling emotions. After all, perfectionism is fueled by the fear of not meeting the expectations of yourself or others. We learn strategies to respond differently to these fearful impulses. Through cognitive strategies, we turn undermining thoughts into positive thinking patterns and emotional strategies to reduce your fears. This results in a personal plan of approach .

This training is intended for people whose quality of life is undermined by perfectionist behaviour.

For who is it?

What aftercare is there?

Like all our training courses, we have our helpdesk where you can go with specific questions. A consultant from U-Count! then help you further. This can be done by telephone, email, video calling or face 2 face. Depending on what you need at that moment.

Do you want to get rid of your unhealthy perfectionism?

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