What are the causes of a burnout?

What are the causes of a burnout?

There are two major categories of stressors that can be involved in the development of a burnout:

Person bound factors

  • Difficulties with setting boundaries (difficult to say no)
  • Perfectionism
  • Taking over responsibilities of others, without being asked / Difficulties in delegating
  • Unwavering convictions: “Things have to go as they should.”
  • Having to do work that you do not (properly) master.

Organizational bound factors

  • Permanent high work pressure
  • Too much work
  • Continuous high pace
  • Tight deadlines
  • Little ability to organize your work schedule yourself
  • Role conflicts: unclear delimitation of tasks and responsibilities
  • Emotional task requirements
  • Non-supporting management
  • Job uncertainty, restructurings
  • Conflicts in teams (insufficient skills present)
  • Mergers and reorganisations (new task contents, more work)

There are also catalysing factors in private life

  • Renovations! Handyman
  • Combining various roles (employee, household, parent, caretaker parents, …)
  • Little ‘sleepless’ children …
  • Absent, unsupportive partner
  • Demanding family members (needy parents, …)
  • Excessive conflicts