Short procedure to learn to say no correctly

Short procedure to learn to say no correctly

Below you find a short procedure to say no correctly

Step 1: Make it immediately clear that you cannot meet the request.

“I cannot do it today.”

Step 2: Explain why you cannot meet his request.

“My day planning is already crowded.”

Step 3: Give an alternative solution if necessary.

– “I can do this by Friday afternoon.”
– “I can do this if you change my priorities, the result is that the other task has to wait.”

Step 4: Make concrete agreements about what you will do.

– “As agreed, I will do this by Friday afternoon.”
– “As agreed, I do not have to do anything and you will ask someone else.”

Note: Remember that in the beginning you will have to bear your inhibiting feelings and thoughts. If you become more trained in adequately saying no, these feelings and thoughts will gradually extinguish.

Note: Also remember that if you cannot meet a request, the other person may react disappointed. After all, if the other person did not hope for a yes, they would not ask the question.

We offer you some extra support by offering a short movie. In addition, we will ask you if you need additional help to get started.

Do you still find it difficult to say NO

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