How to speak about organisational risk factors with your manager

How to speak about organisational risk factors with your manager

1. Clarify the context or the subject you want to discuss with your manager.

For example: “I want to speak about the persistantly high work pressure and the consequences in my job and for myself and my collegues.”

2. Clarify the goal of your discussion and ask for agreement.

For example: “Hereby I hope to achieve a mutual solution for the problem that I encounter. Do you agree with this goal?”

3. Explain the facts, first about the work pressure , then the (possible) consequences for yourself or others, or the organisation. 

4. Ask for agreement on the presented facts.

For example: Do you agree with my report on the factual work pressure?

Yes=> go further to 5.
No => can you explain me in detail on what you do not agree? 

5. Ask if your manager understands the consequences you have presented.

For example: “Can you understand the ‘negative consequences’ (present them in a concrete form) for me or the others or the organisation?”

Yes: Go further to 6.1. or 6.2. depending on the fact if you have a proposal for a solution or not.

6.1. “I have a proposal for a solution regarding the work pressure…”

6.2. “Can you provide me with a solution for the high work pressure?”

7. Make clear agreements about the chosen solution (who does what, when,…SMART objectives).

For example: “Let me summarize, we agreed the following:….”

8. Agree on a concrete moment to evaluate the chosen solution.

For example: “Lets evaluate this on the following date:…”

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