How do I get rid of it?

How to get rid of it?

To get rid of over-responsibility it is necessary to change this habit by no longer taking over the work of the other person unasked. Your possible negative feelings (eg guilt, fear …) and thoughts (they will blame me, …) will continue for a while, but they will gradually decrease. The reason that these negative feelings and thoughts fade out is called extinction. Extinction is a neuropsychological phenomenon that has been extensively demonstrated. It is important that you practice frequently. Furthermore, it is important to act consistently. By this we mean that you never take over unsolicited work again. This is necessary because otherwise these negative feelings and thoughts do not diminish.

Make a conscious choice 

I will no longer take over the work of the other person without being asked and I will endure the difficult feelings and thoughts until they extinguish and I eliminate this risk factor for burn-out!

Need help with over-responsibility

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