Additional sleep advice

Additional sleep advice

Advice : Sleep structure

Go to sleep at a reasonable time. This is a bit different for everyone. The purpose of this tip is that you don’t unnecessarily delay sleep by doing other (fun) things.

A normal number of hours of sleep is about 7 to 8 hours. Try to achieve this. Some people, however, can do with fewer hours of sleep. Especially older people often have less need for sleep, they sleep less quickly and sleep through less.

Make sure that you go to bed and get up at fixed times. Do not sleep too long at the weekend. This routine is helpful for a good quality of sleep.
Avoid sleeping during the day. If you do, don’t do it for more than 30 minutes.

Do not get up too late (research shows that sleeping too long in a depressed mood has disastrous consequences), i.e. do not systematically stay in your bed much later because you do not feel like getting out.

Advice: Noise

If possible, make sure you sleep in a quiet room and are not disturbed by noise.

Advice: Temperature

Make sure your bedroom is not too hot or too cold. 18°C is ideal.

Advice: Daylight

Research shows that daylight has a beneficial effect on sleep. So try to go outside once in a while during the day. Especially the light in the morning has a beneficial influence. So, for example, try taking a morning walk every day.

Evaluation phase compliance

We expect that if you follow the above recommendations, you will restore your sleep quality to the level you had before. If this is not the case after a few weeks, it is best to register for the group session or individual session “Restoring sleep”. The choice for the group session or individual session depends on the guidelines of the company you work for. 

In the next lesson we will focus on the second intervention that helps to recover from the symptoms of a burnout, namely building up a healthy daily rhythm.