Dealing with unreasonable demands

Dealing with unreasonable demands

This means that the other person would find that you always have to comply with his requests and that it does not matter whether you have time or not. This is an unreasonable demand from the other. You make it clear to the other person in a non-reproving way. You can use a conflict-resolving conversation for that.

For instance

1.Recognize the non-verbal communication:

For example: “I see that you are a bit annoyed? Is this so? Can you explain to me what irritates you?”

2. Show sincere understanding:

For example: “I understand that you need this file urgently.”

3. Explain the reason for your refusal.

For example: “I cannot help you now, my schedule is full.”

4. Ask for understanding, if the other person does not immediately shows understanding (remains irritated).

For example: “Can you understand my agenda problem?”

5. Close the conversation and thank the other person for his understanding.