Consequences of over-responsible behaviour.

Before we tell you how you can stop ‘over-responsibility’, let’s read below why some people behave in this way. This behaviour is related to short-term benefits. However, it also has long-term disadvantages. 

Over-responsibility leads:

  • to positive effects in the short term. You feel good because the problem is solved for you (and the customer). For example, your guilt is gone when you take over.
  • to long-term negative consequences. Why would a colleague still do his job if you take over anyway. The problem therefore remains and you become overworked and exhausted.


  • Over-responsibility increases the chance of overload and exhaustion and thus burnout.
  • Over-responsibility leads to a less efficient functioning of the organization because not every colleague is stimulated (you take over without being asked) to take on his responsibility / work.

In the next lesson we will explain you how you can stop ‘over-responsible’ behaviour.