BAT (Burnout Assessment Tool) English
1.At work, I feel mentally exhausted
2.Everything I do at work requires a great deal of effort
3.After a day at work, I find it hard to recover my energy
4.At work, I feel physically exhausted
5.When I get up in the morning, I lack the energy to start a new day at work
6.I want to be active at work, but somehow I am unable to manage
7.When I exert myself at work, I quickly get tired
8.At the end of my working day, I feel mentally exhausted and drained
9.I struggle to find any enthusiasm for my work
10.At work, I do not think much about what I am doing and I function on autopilot
11.I feel a strong aversion towards my job
12.I feel indifferent about my job
13.I’m cynical about what my work means to others
14.At work, I have trouble staying focused
15.At work I struggle to think clearly
16.I’m forgetful and distracted at work
17.When I’m working, I have trouble concentrating
18.I make mistakes in my work because I have my mind on other things
19.At work, I feel unable to control my emotions
20.I do not recognize myself in the way I react emotionally at work
21.During my work I become irritable when things don’t go my way
22.I get upset or sad at work without knowing why
23.At work I may overreact unintentionally