Stepped Care

What is it about?

The principle of stepped care comes from the healthcare sector and was translated by us into the training and coaching offer of U-Count!

In this context, stepped care means that the participant is not treated more severely than is strictly necessary. So we start with the simplest intervention that fits the development needs. It is a step-by-step plan with increasingly intensive forms of the entire range, where the intention is not to go through all the steps, but to achieve results with as few steps as possible.

  • Online independent education
  • Online guided group learning trajectory
  • Online guided individual learning trajectory
  • Face to face group support learning trajectory
  • Face to face individual learning path
  • Face to face aftercare trajectory

Our step-by-step plan

What does it consist of?

Our training courses are therefore structured as hybrid learning trajectories in which participants, based on their specific needs, are given the opportunity to go through the offer individually and/or in group, online and/or face to face. After that, we remain available with an optional aftercare program, adapted to the participant’s needs.

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