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General terms and conditions

Before you start with the Digital Burn-out Assistant, we would like to point out the things below. By using the Digital Burn-out Assistant you agree to the following matters.

You have 1 year access to the Digital Burn-out Assistant.

Within the Digital Burn-out Assistant there is a risk analysis (BAT), a lot of knowledge, reflection and inspiration available. What you do with it is entirely your own responsibility.

Your personal results and data are only visible to yourself. You can share these with others but only on your own initiative.

(In anonymised form, your results may be useful for (scientific) research aimed at increasing knowledge within the domain of health and psychology.) At the moment no results are saved so this option is not applicable. If there is a request for results within the framework of scientific research, for example, you will always be invited personally.

(If the Digital Burn-out Assistant is offered by your employer or by another party, your data can only be used anonymously for organisational reports.) This option is also not applicable for the time being because no personal results are stored.


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