Hybrid learning

Technology has played an important role in better meeting the individual learning needs and styles of employees. From learning management systems (LMS) to adaptive learning resources and video conferencing.

Due to the recent global pandemic, hybrid and blended learning models became necessary.

Course design and strategy

Hybrid and blended learning mean a change in mentality compared to traditional face-to-face training. It’s not just uploading training to an online platform and calling it hybrid or blended learning. It requires a critical eye to completely redesign courses. It is determined how and according to which medium (eg online or face to face) each course component is offered.

What is it about?

Hybrid learning vs blended learning

Hybrid and blended learning fall in the middle of the learning spectrum between fully in-person training and fully online training. They are often used interchangeably, but there is a subtle difference between these two terms.

Blended learning focuses on integrating distance learning with traditional instruction, while hybrid learning focuses on integrating every possible learning technique to best convey the content, whether it is online or offline.

A second difference is that blended learning focuses on a more or less equal balance between distance learning and traditional life courses, while hybrid learning relies more heavily on online or non-traditional instruction.

  • Flexibility in learning in terms of time and place.
  • Greater involvement through additional online support.
  • Ability to learn at his/her own pace.
  • Stimulates ownership of the learning process.
  • High-quality interactions via email, discussion forums, or online chat.
  • Ability to address different learning styles.
  • More targeted face-to-face instruction that emphasizes actually integrating the skills.
  • Increased collaboration between employees.
  • Measurable data, real-time progress tracking and early intervention possible.
  • Ability to quickly expand or update the course offering.

Main benefits

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