Emotional intelligence

What is it about?

Emotional Intelligence or EQ is the extent to which you are emotionally skilled through self-knowledge and control, empathy and communication skills.

A higher EQ allows you to steer yourself towards your goals

  • without being hindered by unpleasant emotions and thoughts.
  • it allows you to respond empathically at a high level where you can map out the thoughts and feelings of the other person in order to avoid or bend resistance. You also know how to adjust yourself.
  • finally, it creates the possibility to communicate in an effective and relationship-strengthening way with others in various contexts and roles (e.g. manager, supplier, purchaser, colleague, conflict mediator, career counselor, coach…)

We train you in each of these components and provide an underlying explanatory model for (each) human behavior.

What can you do with it?

What does it consist of?

EQ consists of 4 quadrants


other knowledge


Relationship management

If you would like to consult the complete overview of the EQ quadrant, click on the following link Central Model

This Central EQ Model is supported by an explanatory behavioral model developed by G.Belis . It is the basis for optimal performance, interaction and communication. It is therefore a training that is useful for everyone, from the receptionist to the CEO.

In addition, increasing the EQ is the basis of well-being in the workplace . Every welfare policy should actually start from this premise.

For who is it?

What aftercare is there?

As in all our programs, participants can call on our helpdesk, where a U-Count! consultant helps with concrete cases.

To help you master these skills even better, we offer a digital follow-up process where participants receive tips & tricks for a month via video and email.

Do you want to increase the EQ of your employees?

We care for the well-being of everyone