Dealing with fear

What is it about?

Fear is the most basic emotion of all. It is also the most important in evolutionary terms. Fear made us survive by avoiding risk. But while society has made a quantum leap in the last 100 years, our brain still largely lives in prehistoric times. Where fear used to be a helping emotion, it is now often a hindering factor in your work and life .

If you know how to deal with your fear, you can grow towards your goals in a very focused way. This skill enables you to better deal with stress, conflict, avoidance and procrastination, communication,…

Being able to deal with fear is the most important competence to break through blocking behavioral patterns.

After this training you will have the skill to better understand your fears (but also those of others). You know what fear is and what it does to you. You also learn what you can do yourself to no longer be hindered by your fears.

What can you do with it?

What does it consist of?

The training consists of the following parts:

  • The Anatomy and Physiology of Anxiety
  • What is the function of fear?
  • When does it go too far?
  • How does fear perpetuate?
  • How can you reduce anxiety?
  • What can you as a manager do to help employees? (only in the version for executives)

This training is for anyone hindered in their work by fear. We are thinking of various expressions of fear: e.g. not daring to speak in public or give presentations, becoming afraid when you have to refuse something, not daring to criticize, tightness when you have to give a team an annoying message…

In short, any person who is hindered from fulfilling their full potential by fearful feelings or thoughts.

For who is it?

What aftercare is there?

As always you can use our helpdesk . When dealing with anxiety, this option is also a very valuable addition. A U Count! behavior therapist can coach the employee himself in concrete cases at the moment , both by telephone and video calling. This support offer also exists for managers.

Do you want to teach employees how to deal with fear?

We care for the well-being of everyone