Conflict handling

What is it about?

Conflicts arise in any environment in which people interact. They also occur in the workplace. Conflicts that are not adequately handled with causeunnecessary stress. This has a negative impact on performance, health, and even the bottom line. This training teaches how to resolve conflicts sustainably.

You learn:

1. how conflicts arise and what is at the base.

2. the skills you need to successfully resolve a conflict demine and to a satisfactory solution available for all actors.

What can you do with it?

What does it consist of?

The conflict management protocol includes the following key components:

  • the mapping of all conflict-determining factors through a deep insight into everyone’s interests and sensitivities.
  • the learn to become aware and master of one’s own emotions and conflict-causing opinions, so that a conflict does not escalate unnecessarily.
  • the determine and align of one’s own interests and goals in a conflict, as well as those of the other
  • negotiate and concretize ‘generally accepted’ solutions.
  • Using conflict management to achieve a more effective collaboration to come.

The conflict management training is intended for anyone who has ‘difficulties’ with conflict.

For managers or HR employees we offer an extension of the training regarding conflict mediation.

Here you will learn how to act as a conflict mediator and how to guide employees in a conflict to a successful outcome. Here you also learn to work with a handy mediation protocol.

The conflict mediation protocol includes a multiple conflict analysis that operationally and clearly exposes the (persistent) conflict pattern between the various parties.

You learn to provide motivational problem-solving strategies. The parties involved are thus able to resolve their conflict constructively, to bring common goals to reach, and to reinforce the cooperation. We also provide the building blocks to check whether agreements made are complied with and/or are effective.

Well, you learn how to take precautionary actions in the process to prevent a recurrence in the same conflict.

Finally, through mediation we also create a learning effect for the conflicting parties involved, making them better able to deal with future conflicts.

For who is it?

What aftercare is there?

Here too we can provide a ‘help desk’ system where employees can go with questions and receive help to resolve a conflict independently.

We provide the same possibility for participants in the ‘conflict mediation’ course.

In addition, we also offer ‘external conflict mediation’ where you as a company can choose to engage experts from U-Count to take on the conflict mediation process. We then act as an independent third party, for example when the conflict cannot be resolved with internal efforts.

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