Assertive Skills

What is it about?

Standing up for one’s opinion, needs, or interests in a non-harmful, tactful manner.

You are confident and not dependent on the opinion of others about what you should or should not think or do.

Assertive skills allow you to communicate with self-respect and in line with your own values. These skills support your conversations in the most diverse situations.

What can you do with it?

What does it consist of?

In this process, we teach you strategies in which you can overcome personal obstacles (e.g.: fear of conflict). These techniques include methods to convert ‘blocking’ thoughts (e.g.: ‘They will think my opinion is nonsense.’, ‘I am right.’,…) into helping thoughts and to extinguish inhibiting or disturbing emotions (e.g. fear, anger, etc.).

Often there is also a shortage of conversation skills (eg. How do you do that exactly…say ‘no’?). We optimize your conversation skills with handy conversation protocols.

In short, we offer you a personal guide to gradually and effectively increase assertive skills.

For people who:

  • find it difficult to get things done from others
  • often feel inhibited when interacting with others
  • who find it difficult to say ‘no’
  • are frequently annoyed by the behavior of others
  • use an aggressive communication style
  • feeling ‘blaming’ visibly annoyed by the behavior of others

For who is it?

What aftercare is there?

As in all our programs, participants can call on our helpdesk, where a U-Count! consultant helps with concrete cases.

There is also a possibility to build in a digital follow-up process where participants receive tips & tricks for a month via video and mail.

Do your employees want to increase their Assertive Skills

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