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In 2017, U-Count! the light of life. I (Joris) was in executive coaching with Gerrit to learn to deal with work stress better. During this coaching we discussed at one point that there had to be a better way to guide employees who were dealing with stress & burnout due to work. And U-Count! was born.

Initially, the focus was on the ‘Digital Burnout Assistant’. A digital application to map and remedy stress and burnout complaints.

As a clinical psychologist and researcher, Gerrit continued to translate multiple findings from the literature and clinical practice into useful models for the workplace. This is how he came up with the idea of the ‘BLOCK BOX’. A large number of training courses that stand alone, but are seamlessly integrated via a unique central explanatory behavioral model.

Be sure to read our bio below, you’ll get to know us and everything about U-Count! And it’s not boring 😉

Gerrit Belis

Founder - Managing Partner

Joris Viviis

Founder - Managing Partner

I am Gerrit, Clinical Psychologist and Behavioral Therapist.

Joris describes me as a scientist, curious, researcher, rational, (extremely) critical and perfectionist.

From my work in clinical practice I started to focus on the functioning of people in their job and the organization in general. In this way I arrived at a central model that maps and explains human behaviour.

It explains how you react in certain situations and why. And more importantly, how you can control that behaviour.
When you have insight into your own behavior and behavioral motivators, you can learn to predict how others will react in certain situations.

When you master the central behavioral model, you can build on this by learning new skills that make you a better employee, colleague or manager.

As a company, you can take the entire organization to the next level when everyone has these skills.

I am Joris, marketer, recruiter and psychotherapist. The first part of my career I was active as Talent Acquisition & Recruitment Manager.

Gerrit describes me as a go-getter, a pioneer, a doer and slightly chaotic.

Over the years I’ve learned that you can’t just move someone from one job to another. He or she may have the right technical skills and perform excellently in a particular team or company. But suddenly ‘under perform’ in a different setting.

This is usually due to the fact that they do not have sufficient access to their own skills or those of others to guide behaviour. Because their technical skills are of course still the same.

Together with Gerrit I developed a way to optimally offer the central behavioral model through blended learning and stepped care.